Hardware volume control high frequency disruptions at one track

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.853
Hardware: Raspberry 3 B+
DAC: Yamaha RVX-3067
If i use hardware volume control at 100% starting 0:26 for like 10 second there are several high frequency disruptions in sound.
Max RIchter, album “From Sleep”, track 1, "Dream 3 (in the midst of my life)@

At 95% of volume it’s ok.
Maybe somebody could test how it goes at their system. Moode player have the same.
I even found and tested this track not on Spotify - same result.
My solution was to return no volume control on Volumio.

Though i have turned off volume control in Volumio, Spotify still allows to control its volume. This track https://open.spotify.com/track/26Bz99v8NoOOUXYfkVR4Tw at first 3 seconds have very audible disruptions at 100% volume in Spotify. If i set volume to 50-70% or turn on volume normalization in Spotify - sound is good, no disruptions. Headphones or speakers - the same results. Am i the only who experience it in this track?

Am i the only one experiencing it? I tried it with Heaphones with the same result.

Is it just this track or have you come across the problem on others?
I don’t use Spotify (don’t like it) but is the recording level particularly high? I.e is this just a straightforward case of overload causing harmonic and intermodulation products when the analog waveform is reconstructed. Although the digital data may show no overload the DAC has to interpolate intermediate data points in order to get a smooth correctly constructed analog waveform and it may be that this interpolation process is causing data overflow and hence some unpleasant noise. By turning the volume down the overflow is eliminated. This overload phenomenon is called ‘intersample overs’.

If this is the case, of course Spotify should modify their files.

but why use 100% volumio? set a limit to 75-80 and overal wil be good
i have it to in other parts it’s not only spotify if you want to increase the power
open the volume on your amp…this is mostly the level of the recording…

Thanks for answer. I am sorry i haven’t answered before, haven’t been notified.
I came across this problem on this two tracks only. If the source is Spotify App on Windows 10 connected to DAC - it plays ok at maximum volume.

Sorry for late response. Yes i know use it only at 60 volume. But as i replied before, if the source is spotify app on windows 10 it plays ok at maximum volume.