Hardware help


I cant find what i am looking for
i am not sure i am looking in the right forum not even sure this is the right forum for this post.

i want to buld a replacement for my Squeezebox Duet.
PI4 4 gig, Tinker Board S, or a Khadas Edge-V PRO or MAX.

what should i choose ?
i am going with a external DAC via I2S so no shield.

gratefull for any input/help


I think that your hardware choice is a personal decision for you. Considerations as far as Volumio is concerned are that Khadas does not have an officially supported image, and that the Volumio Squeezelite plugin, which I presume you would want to use, is reported to have only been tested on RPi 3 or earlier (volumio-plugins-collection-t6251.html). This latter doesn’t mean it won’t work … you will have to do some googling to see if anyone else has reported it working, or contact the plugin author to see if they can give you any more advice.

Hi and thank you for your answer.

i want to rephrase my question.

i know that the DAC and the powersupply for the DAC will affect the soundquallity.

what i want to know is. how much does the computing power and components on the different SCB’s matter?

also i found a thread on the Khadas forum saying that they send 2 boards to Volumio developers

are Volumio working on a Khadas image ??