HARD REBOOT - Raspberry Pi v1.4 / Edimax rtl8192cu


I’ve been trying to get volumio v1.4 working with my Edimax nano-wifi dongle but without success. The dongle works perfectly on my laptop, which is running ubuntu trusty. On the laptop it uses the rtl8192cu module.

On the Pi, if it is plugged in when the Pi is switched on it merely does nothing; if it is plugged in after the pi is booted, it immediately causes the pi to hard reboot. The rtl8192cu module does not appear to be present on the pi; instead there is a module called 8192cu, but this module does not seem to get loaded by the hotplug subsystem and if I modprobe it manually it does nothing.

I have a stock model B pi with an IQaudio Pi-DAC attached. The only other hardware attached is a monitor via HDMI and eth0 so I can ssh to it.

Grateful for any suggestions.

A bit of progress. It turns out that the 8192cu module does seem to work as long as the dongle is plugged in at power on. The hard reboots are a bit disconcerting but I can live with leaving it permanently plugged in.

It is normal, Pi reboots whenever a new peripheral is attached…