Hard Drive sleep option?


does Volumio support putting USB-connected Hard Drives to sleep once the music stops playing for a while?

If not, is there a workaround?

Otherwise this would be a highly solicited feature for me !
Thanks for considering!


I actually requested this same function in the “Suggest a Feature” forum:


I presume that it is not yet a possibility (hopefully I am wrong), but I too would regard it as of significant value.

Perhaps Abel, you can add your interest in that thread as well.

the hard drive is connect via USB
it really depends on the adapter/enclosure

e.g. if you have a Seagate Backup Plus, the sleep option is configured by plugging the HDD to a Windows machine

I’ve tried different hard drives, the one I use now falls asleep when the Pi is powered down, others didn’t. So with this one, sleep function should work.

So, one more bump here! : )