[happy trigger] how to read input key from remote

hi all,
im now using air mouse remote mx3
the mouse feature working fine… keyboard working fine…
but the play pause next prev is not working… i want to make it work using happy trigger by editing the audio.conf…

but how do i know each button name of my remote control? any app that can translate they key i press?

Hi xpedotx,

sudo thd --dump /dev/input/event0 /dev/input/event1

Also see:
Triggerhappy Github page
…for more information.

Best Regards

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will this work on ssh?
where do i put the usb dongle of the remote to detect the key? from pc (ssh) or mu nuc(volumio machine)

or how do i got to command line mode from my machine with screen… as it normally bring me the volumio web interface…

got it work out now…

i have to deal with up to event16

sudo thd --dump /dev/input/event0 /dev/input/event1 /dev/input/event2 /dev/input/event3 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event9 /dev/input/event10 /dev/input/event11 /dev/input/event12 /dev/input/event13 /dev/input/event14 /dev/input/event15 /dev/input/event16