Hacking Olive One into a RaspOne

I bought a Olive One in 2015, nice audio player, however software have not been actualized and some of the promised features are pending. It is a nice gadget, great design but can be improved. The lack of communication and updates make me decide to find a way to hack it and run Volumio instead. So far I could not run volume on the original board, so I take out the hardware and instal a raspberry pi. The display runs with the RPi display driver (official foundation 7" display). I am still working on the touchscreen. Also pending are the on screen buttons and circular pad.

It si really cramped inside but i can manage to fit a RPi 3 and the driver board. So far i been keeping everything “reversible” in case Olive One bring new updates (spotify, etc.) or open the architecture.

I am planning use it as an Airplay player, so it will only need a power cable and a remote RPI will run the speakers, Bluetooth is not an option with volumio. Also mounting the HDD with my music library. using a SATA to USB cable.

Any body else is trying to hack the Olive One?

Here is a pict of the display running Volumio 2

Volumio on Olive One 1 by jadelcueto, on Flickr