(H)EH! from Canada

HI All,

I have been testing all three revs of the software for a couple weeks on my raspi (B). I leave my Alix2d2 board with Voyage MPD in the system all the time as it just works 100% all the time with my Dacmagic Plus in usb 2.0 mode and absolutely no pops, clicks or funny noises from 44/16 to 192/24.

I played with raspyfi the most as I found it was the version that gave me playback as close to Voyage than any others at this point; that was until I updated it and ran rpi-update then the clicks and pops returned on anything above 44/16.

I think this is on the road to great success and a perfect solution could have retail companies a little worried in some cases and the gui solution is a show stopper in my opinion, an out of the box solution for anyone end user is a win-win solution. Good on YA Michelangelo for taking the time and effort to produce this awesome software. I have to say I am fairly Linux savvy and getting voyage up and running the first time through me some curves, but volumio and projects as such are what the community needs. I will continue to test and offer feedback as best I can, I really would love to see a perfect solution with no playback issues up and running.

I picked up a sonos connect at one point and as soon as I found out it was bricked at 48K it went back, but I am wondering with the issues that I have seen with clicks and pop is why they did that; maybe they are looking for a solution as well.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,