Guides List (Volumio 2)

This is a collection of links to Community written guides for Volumio 2.

:heavy_check_mark: Audiophonics ES9018K2M DAC Setup
:heavy_check_mark: Bluetooth Receiver
:heavy_check_mark: Data/Configuration Backup with ‘tar’
:heavy_check_mark: Format SD Card (Windows software)
:heavy_check_mark: Hostname/Volumio Player Name: How to set in SD Image
:heavy_check_mark: Keyboard Shortcuts for Volumio Control
:heavy_check_mark: Kodi on Volumio 2.x.
:heavy_check_mark: LIRC (on a C1/C1+) to Control Volumio
:heavy_check_mark: Multiboot Volumio 2 (with Kodi & al.) under Berryboot
:heavy_check_mark: NFS Mount Permissions
:heavy_check_mark: Node.js Scripts for Control Actions
:heavy_check_mark: SMB/CIFS Shares Written for Volumio 1.5, but some useful information.
:heavy_check_mark: ‘Time Machine’ Server Setup
:heavy_check_mark: Video Guides for Volumio Beginners
:heavy_check_mark: x86 Installation on a HDD
:heavy_check_mark: XBMC on a Volumio 2 Image