[Guide] Streaming Google Play Music/ Google Drive Files

Firstly you need to be running volumio 1.4 on your upnp/dnla supporting lan network along with an android device like a phone or tablet on the same network!!!

Then go to google play store on your android and download the free version of bubble upnp.

Reboot volumio to make sure it is broadcasting the upnp handshake and launch bubble upnp. It should go into a home screen that has the word RENDERER with a down arrow. Touch the arrow and Volumio should be one of the options. If the only option is ‘local renderer’ (the device running the app) then it’s not seeing volumio on your network for some reason.

Select volumio as your renderer and then move down and touch the arrow next to cloud. You’ll see google play music and other google server services as well as dropbox, MS one drive and box. Select the service you use that has your music files stored on it. It will either have your account details as an option or ask you to add them.

Bubble will then index your files, don’t touch but the screen at all while this is happening or indexing will fail. If this happens hit refresh at the top right. And wait for indexing to complete. You should now have a list of all your tracks/albums and can play them through volumio gaplessly!!

Bubble upnp can also play all your local network nas files through volumio, and any files you have on the android device running the app. All with artwork and so on. It won’t play volumio attached USB or ram play files though. It doesn’t transcode but does seem to deliver more well managed traffic to volumio. So if you are struggling with network speed issues and drop outs it may help cure those. I’m managing to play 24/192 perfectly over WiFi with it… Which seems like magic!!

nb google play music downsamples flac to 320 mp3, and has other restrictions on what it accepts in term of formats. Also there is no easy facillity for curating or organising your music, in traditional directory/ folder / file structure so you’ll probably see lots of duplication in the bubble google play music library, Something not clear on the google play GUI.

The free version restricts usage to 16 tracks per application launch to a renderer… So when you are sure it works you might want to buy the licence to lift the restriction. I think it’s about $4 US.

Nice Post ianmr65

I’m a bug fan of BubbleUPnp also. Does what is says on the tin as we say. Well worth the £3 (UK money :smiley: )


Do you know any software which can do that from a PC or IOS device? Thanks

It works natively with gplay music without having to root your android device, as everything involved is android. There is also a ‘cast’ feature which simulates googlecast and enables Spotify ect but needs a rooted android.

here is a squeezebox thread that deals with gplay music in iOS and windows.