[Guide] Improve Volumio UI for iPhone & iPad

If you are using an iPhone to control Volumio with the browser the space on the screen is really limited.
You have a control bar on the top of the screen and controls on the buttom, which are not part of the Volumio User Interface.

There is a very easy way to get rid of this:

You have to take the link to Volumio onto the Home-Screen so that the Volumio control is displayed like a web based app.
=> Full screen without browser controls.

  1. Open the Volumio control in Safari. (volumio.local/)
  2. Press the “send to” symbol in the buttom line of the browser
  3. Add the link to the home-screen
  4. Open the Volumio Control with the Volumio icon on the home screen
  5. You will have full screen display of the Volumio UI.

It might be similar to Android devices. May be somebody can try and comment on this…

Thanks, works like a charm!

Great! Easy and helpful :slight_smile: