[Guide] Add SomaFM streams to Volumio

  1. on your Volumio SD card, navigate to the WEBRADIO folder: /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO
    there, you will find the station playlists - .pls files.

  2. using a text editor (like notepad, geany, textedit, etc. depending on your operating system) open the SOMAFM.pls file.
    once opened, it will look like this:

Title1=(#1 - 25/1500) Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM]

  1. go to SomaFM.com and choose a station- for this example, i have chosen the “secret agent” station. scroll down the page and look for the “alternative stream links for internet radios and other media players” link and click on it. find the “direct server” information and copy it.
    direct server for secret agent: Direct Server: xstream1.somafm.com:8002

  2. go back to your text editor, and on the File1= line, paste in the new direct server address.
    the line will now look like this: File1=http://xstream1.somafm.com:8002
    next, change the station name: Title1=(#1 - 25/1500) Secret Agent [SomaFM]
    the new, completed playlist data will look like this:

Title1=(#1 - 25/1500) Secret Agent [SomaFM]

  1. in your text editor, select “save as” and name your file: secretagent.pls - save the file in the WEBRADIO folder: /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

  2. place the SD card back in your Raspberry Pi or other device, and turn it on. after Volumio has loaded, update the WEBRADIO folder. the secret agent station will now appear and be ready to stream.

i have created/added about 8 SomaFm stations using this method and all have worked flawlessly.

enjoy the music!

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Excellent guide! That was needed :wink:
Enjoy and welcome!

An alternate method that also work and is faster: You cans just upload directly your new .pls files throw your LAN while your media server is runnung. Obviously, you need to updatye the folder via Library menu --> Webradio subfolder.

I am having a bit of trouble getting any SomaFM streams to play on current Volumio 2.555… any chance we can update these file/folder/playlist locations with updated SomaFM streams?

e.g. I can’t find the WEBRADIO subfolder noted above…

Many thanks!