GUI spinning wheel still loading nothing happens

Hi there,
after flashing my brandnew RPI3 with volumio-2.001-2016-10-15-pi

  • WLAN Adapter Edimax EW-7612UAN
  • hifiBerry DAC+
    cannot load the webUI in my browser, althoug i see the Volumio Backgroundimage it still loading (spinning wheel turn but nothing happens)
    SSH works fine so i think its something is wrong with node js
    any Ideas ??
    many thanks

Please reboot and see if that fixes your situation…

Hallo again
well after rebooting i can’t reach the gui at all 'myipaddress:3000/playback => ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED :confused:

what can i test ? the raspi its on my network i still having ssh connection to the volumio on my raspi

regards Marcelo

After rebooting again and NOT Disabling the HOT SPOT (as i did the first time), I used the volumio hotspot then set the connection to my WLAN and it works perfectly now.(it was easier than i though :laughing: )
I use an Nexus 10 Tablet as client (App) and i notice that its much slower than accessing via Laptop/Browser. Its a hint there or is mobile App generally slower ?
Thanks Marcelo