[GUI improvement] Readout folder and IDv3 info

I noticed that in a folder structure like below, if there is a Folder.jpg file present it keeps showing and not the art imbedded in the IDv3 information.
I use the folder.jpg to have a image present in the Album view ( else it is blank ).
It would be nice to have the folder.jpg showing in the Album view, but when the song is displayed it displays the imbedded album art and fall back to the folder.jpg if there is no imbedded art available.

Example of the folder content:

01 - Song1.mp3
02 - Song2.mp3

bart is tested but is to slow for any use so that’s not workable…

Hi Dvo,

Thanks for the response, i guess we have to wait a few years till the cpu power grows :slight_smile: