GUI and Other Controls Just Stop Working

Here is my current log:

I have a brand new Primo. On latest software. This has been happening for over a week and it’s making me think twice about why I spent so much money on something that is so unreliable.

First: I did a factory reset last night. I completed initial start up according to your directions. The only thing I did was install some plugins and connect my Spotify account.

Back from work today: Try to connect (to IP address) to Primo. Times out. Try to ping Primo, Times out. Try to ssh to Primo, Times out.

INTERMITTENT Activity: All of a sudden every thing starts to work fine. For how long? Nobody knows. I am sure when I come home from work tomorrow it will be the same. Terribly and horribly unstable and unreliable. No I did not apt update anything. I’ve seen your posts about that. Makes me concerned that libraries and binaries are out of date. Good security? Probably not.

@DED can you pick this up seems that spop exploding with spotify
and he could not reach :, 6671 ms: FAILED

Email to for help requests