Been looking for a solution for a remote speaker/streaming player and think I found it here. Its actually working much better than I really expected on My original model B. Its very responsive. It scanned my library of 25k tracks faster than just about anything has before. The interface is brilliant, and thanks to whoever decided not to organize it by tags! I have my music sorted the way I want it already. I am not running a dac…yet.

Testing…Tomasz Stanko, Song for Sarah, Flac. There does seem to be a tremendous amount of noise that comes from the headphone jack which at low volumes it is pretty annoying. It reminds me of when you would put the needle down on vinyl, before the music started there was this white noise in the background, except it is present all the time. Or when a radio station is a little out of tune. Do you experience the same with a DAC board? I am a little confused because I was not getting this noise when I was testing piCore Player. Any thoughts?

Hi klaypigeon,

welcome to Volumio :slight_smile:

I have never used the jack output from a RPi but it is notorious for the poor quality of it’s sound output. An i2s DAC is definitely the way forward.