greetings from the Netherlands

Hello all,

I’m from Groningen, the Netherlands and i am thinking about using volumio as a music player. I really think this is a great project with loads of potential.

I’m pretty new to the linux world (i run Ubuntu on my laptop but don’t ask me about technical stuff, i use it as i used windows… just a home user :wink:) I like the idea of open source and i’m running android on my phone since the htc magic came on the market so quite some time now.

My idea of the ultimate sound system involves the following; I would like to use my tablet (Asus 300t) as a ’ remote’ or airplayer? Anyways, i would like to choose songs with my tablet or phone. My amp is a vintage Pioneer (Pioneer SA 6300) with nothing fancy coming with. Just an AUX, Phono and Tuner function. With this amp i listen to my two Kef reference 102 speakers. So long so good…

The thing is, i ditched all of my flac and mp3 files some two years ago… I became a big fan of Spotify and i’m a premium user ever since i started using it. But the sound quality coming from a tablet, phone or laptop isnt that great. I would like to add a DAC between Volumio on a minicomputer like the Pi and my amp.

That’s the idea, now im thinking about what DAC and what mini computer to buy (Pi, Udoo,something else?) and if i can run Volumio on it with Spotify support.

A je too!