Greetings from Sweden

I am a priest in the lutheran Church of Sweden, who always have kept my interest in technology active.

I’ve used Linux since the 90’s and Mac since '07. And I did set up a Raspberry Pi 2 as a tool for recording our sermons automatically, so I feel quite at home with using small one-board computers.

Since finding my JVC Kaboom box the other day and wanting to make good use of it. I found out about Volumio, so I bought a RPi3 today and it is working wonderfully. Especially thanks for the Spotify and AirPlay integration!

Welcome silverkors both to Volumio & the forum. Glad it seems to be working ok; feel free to contribute or ask questions, as the need arises :slight_smile:

Hey mate, welcome aboard. Some experience with Unix systems does help imho :wink: have fun!