Greetings from Sweden

I’ve been following this project for over a year. I just upgraded the Raspyfi 1.0 to Volumio 1.1beta and managed to get it to work. (Still need to do a
pi@volumio:~$ sudo killall nginx
pi@volumio:~$ sudo nginx
after a restart. Otherwise I get a “Starting Music Player Daemon: mpdlisten: bind to ‘’ failed: Address already in use”. There are some discussions in the forum about this.)

Great work, anyway. Really good stuff. Donation made. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

The Volumio Raspberry is connected to a DIY amp, consisting of junk from the local recycling station, old stuff I found in my garage and a few thing from ebay China. The board is the Objective2 headphone amp and ODAC.
1-2014-01-03 12.54.01.jpg

Hi Jans and welcome and really thank you for your donations!

I really like your photos, we may create a photography subsection of the Forum, think lot of people would like them too…

Love the ODAC, really want to listen the ODA… And what a fancy case you have!

A hug and happy listening!