Greetings from sunny California

Hi everyone,

Happy Volumio Mini86 owner here. It sits discreetly atop my Playback Designs DAC, reliably connects to Spotify on my iPhone 6 (props to Volumio Spotify Connect 2 plugin developer), and sounds fantastic!

I’m sufficiently adventurous to experiment with Test Mode, kick the tires so-to-speak, and provide feedback. Looks like Test Mode cannot be set to “True” via the /volumio.local/dev interface (nothing happens). Absent over the air (OTA) update functionality, I’m curious to know if a Mini86 can be booted from USB? If so, how?

Thank you, look forward to future participation, potential contribution, and endless enjoyment.

Brian on the coast of California, south of San Francisco

Hi brw, welcome to Volumio, & glad that you seem to be enjoying it.

You would be better to ask questions in their own separate post in the ‘help’ section, where they will be more noticeable.

There is no indication that ‘test mode’ is set to true (it just is)