greetings from styria, austria

I’m addicted to music since my 4th birthday so far as i remember. Listening to Music to me is therapy for life and a method to increase good feelings and damping bad ones. Years ago i started with the development of analog music equipment as tube amps and speakers- all for private fun. Raising the sound auf my favorite music to progressing levels means everything to me. So it seems logical that i’ve got involved in the raspyfi- and now volumio project. Today, after some hours of struggle with connections, i’ve got totally infected by the virus this project breeded out. I have to say- fantastic work, michelangelo! This is exactly the digital thing, i’ve been searching for years! I’ll try to make the best out of it in sonical aspects- and potential is mighty.


Hi MetalRob!
Guess we share the same passion! I’m also a DIYer… Hope we could share some good insights about Volumio!