Greetings from Rotterdam

Here in the big city harbour is a small device called Volumio. It’s a Raspberry Pi 2b and wears a HAT, the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro. The WLAN USB chip is in the box, unused. There is a UTP Ethernet cable and a 64Gb USB card, spotify and webradio’s.

I chose this setup to have an easy, low-trouble solution with a high quality. The Audio Jack of the macPro was about to wear out, so to speak. I don’t like the computer audio to be room audio as well. How else to watch football on and play music without interference?

Myself? I’d like to stay on this side of the screen. But probably, I’m not really different from all the other 40er dudes with long hair :wink:

Hi from Rotterdam, Coolblue Headquarters back :wink: … and welcome of course!