Greetings from New Jersey

Hi Guys,

I have been using Volumio with a Raspberry Pi 2 B, and just switched back to a Model B with no degradation in sound or performance. I needed the Pi 2 for an aviation project which turned out great. I have a USB DAC and a 3TB hard drive containing around 39,000 songs (mostly FLAC) attached to the RPi, I am also using Audioquest Jitterbugs between the DAC and HD and the RPi. It really does clean up the sound by reducing noise. Sounds awesome! Volumio feeds a PS Audio Scout from the DAC. The Sprout sends an analog signal to an Adcom amp and then to a pair of huge Sequerra Pyramid speakers.

Volumio is the perfect solution to my audiophile needs. It permits me to use some old kit (amp, speakers and cables) with current technology to get the best sound that I can from a digital source; without breaking the bank. So, I have a system where I can enjoy the ease, excellent sound and availability of digital music and the still relevant enjoyment of vinyl. Having a dedicated music source (the Raspberry Pi) running Volumio is much cleaner and better sounding than any PC based system.