Greetings from Minnesota, USA

Hiho -

Dove into Volumio players a couple of weeks ago. I now have three. I’m playing flac files and Spotify, no high resolution files.

1 - Synology NAS > Mini86 > Audioquest DragonFly Black > Preamp

2 - - Synology NAS > Allo Boss Player > Preamp

3 - Synology NAS > Raspberry Pi 3 w/Pi touchscreen > HRT Music Streamer III > Preamp

It’s all working pretty well, including the Volumio android app. I am having some issues with my Spotify playlists on players 2 and 3.

In my judgment, the Allo Boss Player is real value for money - 109 USD at + 25 dollars for really quick shipping from Bangalore.

My thanks to all the developers here. Cheers.

Hi PMDMN, welcome to Volumio & the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried the snapcast plugin with all those devices (please note it is beta software at the moment)?

I’m interested to try the snapcast plugin but want to resolve some issues I’m having related to system updates and more general plugin availability first. I’ll post something in the help and troubleshooting section concerning those issues.

Welcome aboard bud