Greetings from Latvia

Hello to everyone, I am electronic engineer (researcher) from Latvia!
My main topics are:
*) hardware design - digital and analog
*) digital signal processing

Many thanks to Volumio team, it’s wonderful project.

Some time ago I configured my own DAC with Volumio.
I am using -
*) PCM1795 32bit DAC
*) External sample rate converter from twistedpearaudio

Here is some pictures from my test setup (it’s not completed yet)


As I am FPGA designer I have designed special audio processing unit for room equalization and with advanced filtering options. It can be used as active digital filter, crossover and so one. Most of work is completed.
Here You can see 3 years old self made FPGA board - most of tests where performed on this board


So if someone is interested in such project modified specifically for RB pi we can start discussion about it - mostly about features, to my mind it would be great feature for Volumio.

Best regards,
Rinalds Ruskuls

Yes! Let’s discuss it! Please open a thread about that in the DIY project section!