Greetings from Holland

Hi Everyone

I’m not new to RPi and not new to music (electronic musician and also more and more audiophile).

I’ve been playing around with Volumio, Moode and Rune Audio on RPi2.
A few days ago I’ve got RPi Zero and … well… Volumio doesn’t boot at all (fresh image on card).
Moode is working correctly.
Also tried Rune Audio and Raspbian.
Raspbian is working great - Rune Audio - same case as Volumio: doesn’t boot.
The led is blinking only.

Anyone else tried Volumio on Zero already?
In theory - it’s the same stuff as “old” RPi.

Thanks in advance for help


I’m trying to do the same right now!

Had some success with the steps I found here: … tml#p10969

Just on to figure out a few niggles.

Wow lots of MN people around here, thats great to see Thanks for the welcomes everyone, cant wait to be back in Vegas