Greetings from Denmark, Nokia Booklet 3g install

Hi there.
I am a Danish music lover who has an old netbook - a Nokia Booklet 3g ATOM CPU, 1gb ram - that I tried to run Windows 10 on. It worked but it was quite slow. Now I wonder if I can use it in my kitchen as a music player into Little British Monitors (LBM). For this Volumio may be just what I need (fingers crossed).

I have spent quite a while on Pink Fish Media and a few other hifi fora. I have been streaming music since Philips introduced their small MP3 streamer, later i turned to Squeezebox Classic and Touch. In the past few years I have streamed to a home built CAPS music player with a Paul Pang USB card in it. This card has had a malfunction so I started looking for alternatives and I realized that Volumio may just be what I needed - first for my old netbook but later - perhaps - for a RPI, Allo Digione / USBbridge set-up. Interesting times lie ahead.

I have 6 weeks off, during which time, I will build a few streamers, complete my DIY FirstWatt F4 build (with lots of help from people who know what they are doing) and relax to music.

Kind regards,

Welcome Peter,

it will be interesting to hear how you get on with your netbook. I was thinking of trying the same myself with an old asus I have lying around.

I have some trouble making the image load. Using imgburn to burn it to DVD has not been a success either. Hmmm. I wonder how to proceed now?

Windows cannot access the disk (img / iso file) even through virtual clone drive. So I am stumped. Could someone please verify that the PC-image / zip file is fine.