Greetings from Connecticut, USA

Greetings and well wishes! :slight_smile:

It’s delightful that Volumio as a product exists (or almost anyway - still in beta), and that there is a community to help support it!

I’m a Unix newbie, but spent years programming and have various technical credentials, so I’m HOPING that it will not be too challenging to pick up. As for music… I’ve been an audiophile since the 70’s. Back them I was telling anyone that would listen that someday our music would be ubiquitous - available everywhere. That the only thing holding it back was pervasive broadband connectivity (network access everywhere), authentication mechanisms (to confirm my right to listen to the music that was out there, to which I was entitled), and vendors to make said service available.

Believeing that, long ago I focused less on collecting albums and CDs, and concentrated on storing proper digital copies of the same. So a couple of decades ago I was delighted when I was able to buy a Gateway branded version of the long since retired Turtle Beach Audiotron. It was one of the very first true MP3 players that you could point to a music library on a server, and have it pipe that music to your audio system. And it’s still limping along. But sound quailty is limited, and it sound’s like its power supply is going. So Volumio is just in time for me. Going to need an Audiotron replacement soon.

My interest in Volumio specifically is because of its claimed fidelity (have yet to put that to the test), and the fact that it focus on audio vs. being primarily a video server. But I don’t have an Android phone. So I’m hoping to see an iPhone app soon. But worse case, I can use a web browser.

I’ve had a CuBox-i4Pro on order for a month. But Solidrun’s shipping is so delayed, their published delivery schedules slip so badly, and their customer communications are so abysmal, that there is no telling when I’ll actually have one of those boxes in my hands. So I may have to pick up something in the interim, just to get an introduction to Volumio while I wait.

Happy Listening!


Need to post a correction…

I did not realize that there WAS an iPhone/iPod app that works with Volumio! Granted it does not have the same look and feel of the Volumio web pages, but it works GREAT. It’s MPod, at IMO it’s well worth checking out!