Greetings from Austria!

as an audiophile who loves raspberry pi’s I looked for a new use case for one of my newly purchased raspberry pi 3 and stumbled over Volumio.
As I read the distribution supports DAC, network shares and even has plugins for the official 7" touchscreen, GPIO Buttons and the same beautiful UI HTML5 UI in browsers I just had to install it immediately at 2 in the morning. Had the other hardware I needed a few weeks ago. :mrgreen:

My Setup is a Raspberry Pi 3 with heatsinks mounted on the official 7" Touchscreen connected to a FiiO Olympus2 DAC via USB to my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x with volumio connected to all my music shares in my network. Works like a charm even with my amount of audio files and fell in love immediately. Also connected a 40-pin GPIO Extension Board to a breadboard to try out the buttons, worked perfectly.

Thanks to Thijxx scrobbling to works too now.

Volumio is just amazing, great work, excited what’s going to happen in future releases. :sunglasses:

Welcome Vinylwhami, wow what a username :slight_smile:. Glad everything is working well for you.