Greetings from Athens Greece!

:wink: Greetings from Athens Greece!
I am a new to VOLUMIO, also in Rasperry word.
I have a lot of HiEnd audio systems consist from 5 power amp (power transistors Bryston 4B, power mosfet construct by me, power transistor constructed by me, tube power amp class A Golden Tube Audio) 3 pre amp, one of these with tubes constructed by me, 2 DACs (THETA and a Musical Fidelity modified by me) , USB to SDPIF M2 Tech, 2 turntables (Thorens and Michel Gyro), two pre-pre amp for turntables constructed by me, 3 pairs of loudspeakers (one electrostatic Martin Logan and two others constructed by me), DENON SACD/DVD player, Sony SACD/DVD player, and for all that’s now I use a PC (win10) with Foobar2000 and 96-192khz flac music files also TIDAL HiFi streaming.
Now, as I am a new to Rasperry word, I recover Volumio and I play from a HiBerry DAC pro to one of my audio system.
From the first listen flac files I surprised with the sound quality from so cheap hardware!
I also despoilment that there isn’t yet any plugin playing TIDAL to VOLUMIO v2…!
I hope that there will be shortly good news for it.
Tasos Architektonidis

Welcome Tasos, to Volumio & it’s forums. Yes, it is amazing the sound quality that can be had from a simple single board computer and i2s DAC. We all hope that Tidal & Qubuz will be coming on stream before too long. I guess it’s a case of maximising your profits with the big boys kind of scenario for streamers at the present. Enjoy :slight_smile: