Greetings from Amsterdam


I am Menno from Amsterdam. Just like most of you I like RaspFy/Volumio. I am running it on a RaspberryPi in combination with the HiFiBerry DAC. I like to “fool around” with Linux (I am working in IT and have worked as support engineer with several versions of Unix in the past) and discover what you can do with it. I hope I can contribute with all kinds of answers to questions in this Forum.

I like music a lot. I have a nice AV-system (mainly for music, but also for surround sound) and have a lot of LPs, CDs (and even Compact Cassettes). I have “digitallized” all my CDs on my NAS in FLAC-format. I own a Squeezebox Touch which I used until recently to play my music. But now I have this RasberryPi-HiFiBerry combination and am playing with that since this week. I am not sure if the sound quality of this is better of worse in comparison with the Touch, but it is certainly not bad !! I hope to find the time to compare.

Well, that’s it from me. I hope that we can enjoy this “bang for your buck” system for a long time (as being Dutch I like cheap solutions :laughing: )

Regards, Menno.