Greetings and hello


I’m Eric and I live just outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

I’ve been a music junkie since a very young age.
I grew up on classical music until I discovered 770 WABC in the early '60s
Early on I modified a table radio to connect to a speaker that was under my pillow.
Falling asleep to the sounds of American rock and the “British invasion” was my secret retreat
from the world in high school. Rock, blues, folk, classical music, and more… I like (almost) all of it.

Volumio came to my attention when I bought a “Durio Sound” DAC board for a Raspberry Pi.
The promise of high-quality sound was really appealing as the sound from my laptop is limited.
I’ve struggled for the last year to get that combination to work.

Currently, Volumio 1.55 works if I select “Hifiberry” as the I2S driver - except without volume control.
That option is, alas, missing in Volumio 2 so no sound at all. I’m stuck in the past - for now.

I have some programming and engineering skills and will be looking to contribute as I can.