Greeting from Japan

Hello , I have used Volumio2 on Raspberry Pi3 with USB DAC and volumio2 on x86 on note PC(hp6710b).
Now I am switching to Volumio2 (2.246) on Raspi3 from 2 days before.
Its sound quality is apparently improved but there is new problem.

(1) I have used NetGear ReadyNAS 102 with mirror(RAID 1) with 4TB x 2 HDD as network storage
which is delivering data with LAN (wired mainly).
(2) NAS mounting is using NFS (//NAS.local/data/Music) mount. It seemed OK for 1 or 2 hours.
In that NAS drive I have almost 5000+ albums and 59000 tunes of 3TB.
The music data is stored as *.wav , *.m4a(alac) , *.flac files on NAS.
(3) When I had used volumio2 (2.1xx) I can see whole tunes are indexed on volumio2 music data base.
(4) Strange problem :
root@volumio:/home/volumio# grep max /etc/mpd.conf
max_connections “20”
max_playlist_length “32384”
max_command_list_size “8192”
max_output_buffer_size “16384”
root@volumio:/home/volumio# mpc clear
Updating DB (#1) …
volume: n/a repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off
root@volumio:/home/volumio# mpc ls
root@volumio:/home/volumio# mpc ls | mpc add
error adding NAS: Playlist is too large
root@volumio:/home/volumio# mpc playlist | wc -l

This showed mpd standard database seemed to load 32384 tunes (or more)
But WebUI of volumio2 page showed below even it is still updating on My Music (NAS).

How can I register my whole data on volumio2(2.246) database?
Or there is know bugs for this?NotFinishedYet.jpg

MPD has been upgraded I believe, but I’m not sure if this behaviour is caused by that.

Information from Japanese Facebook friends,
(1) wav / flac files registration is fast enough.
(2) In newer version of volumio2 (2.246) registrated alac(Apple lossless / *.m4a) files very slowly
than older versions.

As someone wrote, “mpd is upgraded” is the reason for this phenomena I hope this should be improved if mpd is improved…

Still it is struggling to registrate alac files (2TB and 30000 tunes in NAS). Today only 3000 tunes increase now for 20 hours.
I guess there is a problem in registration of music database or analysis of Apple lossless data structure in volumio2(2.246).