Green Energy Saving option 5Vdc PIO trigger for Amp Power

I’d like to see a 5V pio trigger for the PI to turn off and on the Power Amp.

The relays are commonly available. The Volumio software needs to be aware

no audio output for the last X-minutes (user selectable) at which point, it
triggers the 0VDC on the a PIO pin to turn off the amp. If Volumio start playing audio,
the trigger should put 5VDC on the PIO pin to turn on the amp.

Energy efficiency is very important because I recently received an electricity bill and was just in shock. The fact is that I have a lot of gadgets at home and I rarely turn them off (even at night). I did not think that they use so much energy even in standby mode … This is so strange. In any case, I realized for myself that I should make the transition to renewable energy (I think you heard about it, if not, I advise you to read interesting facts and tips on [color=BLACK] or start saving and taking care of energy efficiency. However, I like the idea with green energy more.