In a couple of minutes i got this up and running:

  • raspberry pi - model B - powered by a 4-Port noname USB hub
  • 4 GB SD card /volumio dated 12/2013
  • Music Library located on a PiBang Server via SMB
  • DAC: Behringer UCA202
  • Amp: Lepai LP-2020A+
  • Speakers: Denon SC-F10S

This setup sounds GREAT and consumes next to nothing in terms of electricity!
Haha - The Monster cables (DAC -> Amp) alone are more expensive than the whole setup :wink:
I am looking forward to pimp/exchange some components of this chain in order to see/hear what can be achieved in terms of SQ (Sound Quality).
Thank you so much!

Your welcome, replies as this one are the one that makes me want to make Volumio!


I just felt sending an update on my comments 2 years ago …

My setup has changed only a little bit - i just can’t describe with words how great it is - this REALLY blows your socks off!

  • raspberry pi - model B
  • 4 GB SD card volumio 1.55
  • Music Library located on raspberry pi2 NAS - OpenMediaVault
  • DAC: Hifiberry
  • Amp: Breeze Audio TPA3116
  • Speakers: Denon SC-F10S

Pls. do not abandon this project.