Great MPD Client - Cantata

Just find out about Cantata
It runs smoothly on Mac OS X. I can easily access all folders/database (I had to set it in pref first though).


Works great on Windows too.

Thank you for this great piece of software !!

It’s so convinent to build play lists !!

My favorite volumio desktop player under Linux (solydk actually)

ace, enjoy!

On the Windows client, how do you set it up so that it will show a split pane under Albums list?

I can’t get it to work under v1.5.1

Oh crap… forget it. I have to hide the “Play Queue” list from the side bar to show it up.

I like it, thanks :smiley:

Anyone have problem to the Albums show?

I can’t use cantata to download covers !

it says fail to save to the music folder

how i set the right path?

Hope someone can share his setting , Thanks a lot :smiley:

Is there a Google/Android version of this fantastic peice of software… or something approching.

My Lenovo Yoga 2 830

will be The perfect remote with a cantata like android software !!