GPIO extender ? or something else ?

Hello , how can i connect lcd screen to Raspberry if the gpio is in use with my HIFIBERRY dac ?

10x :]

I have the same querstion. I found this ( Haven’t tried it myself.

Now seeking for the best (and cheap) LCD display

You can still use I2C-based LCD. It takes 2 data pins and can share them if they are used with another device.
Obviously, it will require you to do some customization to support the screen.

There are several options available for I2C LCDs. You can make a simple Python script to do the output using I2C.

My Pi has 20x4 RGB LCD and I am using the similar Hifiberry Digi which only uses 5V power and ground from the GPIO and everything else is from P5 header (8 pin block). The LCD can be configured to use non-conflicting free GPIO pins to operate in tandem.