Glitches when playing master recording since upgrade

I’m running Volumio on an Allo USBridge feeding a Khadas Tone 2 Pro.

I’ve recently updated to v3. (initially updated about a month ago and can’t remember the v number, updated the other day to v3.179)

Generally I’m really pleased, the new version is a big improvement - thank you to the Volumio team. However I do seem to have a bug or a problem with my settings.

When I play Master quality tracks I am getting occasional glitches. Initially with my first v3 update the same happened whether I played via the Volumio app or via the Tidal app - a short gap in the sound (fraction of a second) maybe every 20 or 30 seconds. Now that I’ve updated to v3.179 Volumio app is a bit better, but Tidal app is the same. Playing via Volumio now, it is not playing correctly right at the beginning and end of each track when playing a track in isolation (playing an album is better). Playing via Tidal app still has glitches throughout. This is only happening with Master format, others working fine, and only happened since updating to v3.

I do apologise if others have already raised this - I did search through the ‘updating to v3’ topics and didn’t find anything.

Many thanks, Richard