Glad i found this


I finally got my perfect music solution!, Been trying chrome cast and bluetooth lately but they all fade compared to the Raspberry pi and Volumio. I have bought a Raspberry pi 3 with a hifi berry DAC+ card and a steel case. Not so easy to assemble as it was my first Pi ever. Luckily i found an youtube video which helped. Then I found Volumio. And it suits my need perfectly. I still have a 30 gb of Mp3 which i have been maintained for the last 10 years or so. And im not a big fan of spotify. So this collection is on shared drive on my router and Volumio has no problem picking them up. And all these devices to remote control it. Awesome!

As a noob here with Volumio/Pi i could wish for a little easier way to set up on wifi. My router is in my hallway so i had to hang out there while configuring for the wifi. Also tried attaching it to my tv (only HDMI screen) but that didnĀ“t help much.

But overall it has been quite easy to setup.

I am very impressed with the interface. One of things that is really great is that it is not so easy to just replace the current play list. Modern mp3 players (itunes?) always just skip as soon as you touch a new song and everything is lost.

NB. I attached it to my Marshal Stanmore speaker. It might not be HI FI but I love it. Minimalist look and very fat sound for such a small thing. I will mostly be listen to Rock / Metal \m/