Getting Started?

Hello, I have searched but could not find the answer to my question. I am a layman by the way. I have used Runeaudio but wanted to try Volumio. I have a RP3 and flashed my SD with the software per instructions. When I power up the RP3 it fires up just fine but stops at a volumio login? The web interface cannot be reached. Why does one need to login? I don’t have a keyboard so thats out anyway. When I have used Runeaudio it just straight boots up into that application. There is not login required. How can I bypass this login so that Volumio just boots up when the RP3 is powered on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to add text to the config or command txt I can do it using my windows pc by accessing the SD card. Please let me know.

If you see Volumio logo, boot is achevied. Volumio is designed to be headless system, it means you have to access the webUI with a other device on the same network. On this device, open your web browser en enter the IP adress of your RPI, or from a PC or apple device, enter http://volumio.local

That’s the issue. I go to volumio.local and nothing happens. I’ve tried this with my iPhone and my surface tablet. Both connected to the same network as the pi.