Getting my USB DAC to work....

I’m new to Volumio…

set it up - outta the gate it just worked via HDMI connected to my TV. Sounds great thru my stereo speakers.

However I’m not getting my NEW Topping T30 Mk II USB DAC to work? I plugged it in, rebooted my Rpi2 - the LED breathing stopped and the LED is bright - I’m assuming that’ good, that it detected a connection. But I don’t get anything out the speakers. If I leave the HDMI connected it still provides audio through the TV speakers.
I disconnected th HDMI thinking it would switch to the DAC or USB connected source – NOT.

Do I have to configure something, load drivers? set a configuration file with so settings t identify my DAC?

I’m lost… any help would be appreciated.

****************** EDIT *******************

I have since found the setting for the DAC - under the ‘Playback’ menu. is was set for ALSA - if I select DAC and ‘save’ it seems to lockup the Raspberry Pi2 – I no longer have network access to the device and the webpage returns an error.

My only option is to pull the power cord and restart - where it powers back up with the old setting ALSA.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or can I try something else o get the DAC to be active and working?

So you can’t get the RPi to boot when the DAC is connected? Does the DAC have its own power supply or does it get it from the Pi? If so, maybe a different (more poweful) power supply might help.

Once you get the RPi to boot with the DAC connected, try to logon using ssh and see what is shown when you run ‘sudo aplay -l’. If the DAC is detected correctly, you should see it there. If not, the DAC isn’t recognized.