Getting currently playing song details

Hey guys, Im building myself a volumio box with an lcd screen but Ive run into problems.

I had planned on using python and the python mpd2 lib to get song info, swap songs, volume change, seek, all the good stuff.

This was great until I realized the the spotify integration (which I use more than my local music library) does not use any mpd integration. And as far as I can tell spop.d which is responsible for the spotify integration only excepts commands through telnet.

Any one have any suggestions, reading material, on how volumio mixes the two together. the end game would be to have everything controllable through an IR remote so I need some way to control the two at once.


I ran into the same issue, and wrote a script which controls the spop daemon using telnet.

You can find my code at …

Good luck :wink: