Getting album art from

Hi all,
I was super excited when I found I was able to play my Jazz Radio subscription through my volumio. For me, it means a consolidation of devices. So far, it all works nicely. I can add either the playlist URL or the non-playlist URL (i.e.… or… but I prefer the former as it’s https and that’s just a good habit to get in).
However, I’m wondering if it’s possible to display the album artwork as well. So far, I get the tune playing, and information about the song title and artist to display, but no album art like I have when I access it through the official app or via the web.
Has anyone got album art to work with a subscription?
I’m on Volumio 2.907 on an RPI 3B

Thanks in advance

if you have a subscription you could try to add it in your radio and if albumart is the same as volumio it would work if it doesn’t it don’t.