Genre view - Playing artist or Album adds all [SOLVED]

I think this is a bug, if not I will post under help.
When I am in the “Genre” view and select lets say “Jazz” open that directors directory and than right click one of the “Artists” it adds all Artists listed in that directory and starts playing with the first one.
I tried will different Genres and always the same error happens: instead of adding the specific artists it adds all of them or if I go further down from “Artist” to all “Albums” under that Artist the same happens it starts to play the first Album in that specific Genre and shows all Albums of that Genre in the play list.
I am puzzled and think it is a bug? Or?
This only happens in the Genre view btw. in “Artists” or “Albums” it works fine meaning it plays what is selected by the menue.
Thanks for letting me know if you see the same problem. :ugeek:

Solved in Version 2.03. Thanks to the developer team!! :sunglasses: