geekroo hardware volume control..

I’m using a raspberry with a geekroo pi cobbler DAC (hifiberry driver). It sounds great, i’m hearing details i never knew where there…

Sadly, if i select hardware volume control, nothing happens, volumio 1.5 volume knob turns but jumps back to 100%.

Does this dac support hardware control ?? If yes how to set this up. If no, which dacs on the list do ??

I tried software control, but this doesnt work with spotify and i dont like the quality loss…

Wouldnt mind using a motorized analog volume control but wouldnt know how to link ik to volumio…

Geekroo is the PCM5102A based DAC and therefore no HW volume control.

The IQaudio DACs all use the PCM5122 which has HW volume control. If you want a physical knob then add a rotary encoder - details / code on

Others DAC suppliers for the Pi have started to use the PCM5122 also so you may find they will work too.

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I just got my PiCobbler DAC and the sound coming out of it is badly wrong. It is garbled and full of static. I am also using the HiFiBerry I2S driver.

Did you have to change any other settings to get things working? What version of Volumio are you running?

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