Geek out

Hi guys!

I have a geek out and i would like to know if it works with cubox i-4 pro and volumio


Since it work on Rasperry pi it should work for cubox i-4 as well

The main problem is Volume control for Geek out. (you can use the first firmware version 1.0, with volume control on the side button) and let Volumio use hardware volume control, else the software control is working but only on PCM, not DSD. (Software volume control give some low noise when you play music.) For me I want to use Cubox/Volumio with hardware volume control and Geek Pulse Xfi/LPS.


New Cubox i4pro is set up this evening, The Geek out DAC is working perfect in this combination.

Volume control mixer should be set to Hardware, and DSD over PCM= yes

That’s it.



I have a Pi2 with a geek out running firmware 1.5 but cannot get the hardware volume control to work - is this working with your setup?

Best wishes


I have a Pi 2 and Geek out 1000 on 1.5 and the hardware volume seems to be working fine for me although had one hickup at the start then I swapped to software then later back to hardware and have no issues since. Playing all file formats from DSD to CD without problems.