FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!

The date is wrong. … due to a small bug, it is never updated since the first stable version…
V1.0.13 is from April 28th

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FusionDsp v1.0.16 is now released as stable.
Since previous v1.0.13 stable :

  • import local for most REW exported filters
  • Add online help

Please reboot after update
Enjoy! :wink:


Thanks @balbuze for this great piece of work!!!


i wanted to EQ my Audeze CRBN with the EQ settings Bob Katz has make here with DMG Equilibrium

But I don’t know how to set Slope and Shift in FusionDSP. Does someone can help me how to set this in FusionDSP?

Try following :
Warning, set -18dB for the lowshelf !
Disable auto pre amp and set -4dB for both channels.

Result you can see if you open Pure Camilla Gui

Let me know :wink:

I tested it now and for me it sounds good.
But I don’t understand the first and last filter Katz used.

I used the plugin today for a long time and had a lot of dropouts. And one time I could not go to my library only reboot helped.
Here ist my log:

I see a lot of buffer underrun.
I don’t know if it is due to HW.
Can you try using conv filters, even with demo files, just to see if still occurs.

Activated conv filter with playing pink noise no drops so far.

can you play music ?


I mean without problem?

Yes no drops so far. Strange I used fusiondsp 3 months before without any problems to EQ my lcd5. But other version both main volumio and fusiondsp.

Are you familiar with ssh ? And editing a file? :thinking:

No not really

Ok, I try to push a beta tomorrow…


Do you think it’s a bug coming in later version?

No, as no change for that. But changing a parameter may help…

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FusionDsp v1.0.17

  • some tweak to avoid buffer underrun in PEQ mode (@Arminius to be tested :wink: )
  • more precise auto pre-amp

If you don’t met problem with v1.0.16, no need to update.
This is beta, so remove previous, reboot, install new version


It works now without drops!
Thank you for your great and fast work.
Wow the CRBNs lowend is superb a Stax has no chance will distort to achieve this bass quantity.