FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!

FusionDsp v1.0.14 beta

  • import local now support LPQ and HPQ filter type

Remove old version, reboot, install… :wink:


Again thanks @balbuze for this great plugin!!!

Today I did received my Soundmagic E11 in-ear thingies.
(e11C is with remote, E11 without)
They got a great review for a reasonable price.
Together with the parametric equalizer a joy to listen to.

nice! Do you use autoeq settings?
Enjoy your music!

yes, using the AutoEQ setting. Seems more than adequate.

FusionDsp v1.0.15 beta

Remove old version, reboot, install…


FusionDsp v1.0.16 beta


  • import local now supports all REW filters (but Modal)
    are directly imported!
    Not sure other tools than FusionDsp are able to do that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    As usual for beta, remove previous, reboot, install!
    Let me know!

That is really great.
I will test it tomorrow :+1:

Sorry to revive this.
I think this should work. I haven’t tested it, though. But this works:
speaker-test -D postDsp -c 8
You’re probably aware of this, but you can access the UI of camilladsp through:

This is in reply to Tom.O’s question regarding multichannel.

Set FusionDsp to ‘pure Camilla gui’ to access it, or settings will be overridden.

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@balbuze ,
Hi, is there any sort of integrated or available SW “instrument” (maybe visual :grimacing:) to correctly identify the range of frequencies involved into the DSP correction I’d like to apply?
(I mean: some sort of visualisation of the frequency “waves”, without involving mikes or other external devices)
Thanks in advance

I don’t understand what you mean by range of frequencies… But you can visualize filters by using Pure CamillaDsp gui. Once opened ina new tab, go back to FusionDsp, choose you DSP mode. Apply settings you want. In CamillaDsp GUI click ‘load from Dsp’ while playing. Now in pipeline tab you can visualize by clicking the icon with a curve.

You’re right… forgot to mention I was referring to “parametric eq”… sorry.

Trying to connect to Camilla DSP gui I get this message:
Error Loading Page
Domain: NSURLErrorDomain
Error Code: -1004
Description: Could not connect to the server

Does it have something to do with the FusionDSP version (mine is still 1.0.12) ?
Thanks in advance

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No, nothing else to do.
Did you reboot since you enabled FusionDsp?
I never saw this message…
What is your hw?

No, FusionDSP is always on (working with 15bands EQ) and everything in it is working flawlessy (except the Camilla GUI)

RaspPi4 4GB
Volumio OS 3.254


This is the screenshot of the message.

Can you remove and reinstall the plugin? I never saw this before. Maybe something went wrong during installation…
And you can send log after a reboot please…

I have watched this thread with great interest and a degree of awe!
Is the Beta getting close to being a stable release that will work in the Non Test Mode?

FusionDsp is already available as stable.
Just have a look in plugin tab in Volumio and install it !:hugs:
Edit : beta version brings new features. Should be moved in stable soon

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