FusionDsp for Volumio3 stable (old beta thread)

Perfect and thanks for the support!
Yes, you are right, my Allo BOSS2 also works in this order with the hardware mixer setting.
I’m very happy about that!


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@balbuze can you check why we have this issue? And fix it?


here is shown an Update

1st: It is typed as
Is that right? Or must it be 1.1.0?

2nd: I am not able to inatall.
At pres update, it is start to update, but when it is ready nothing seems to Chancen.
Fusion hangs on 1.0.7.

By presing of Version directly, ist shows an error

It is in a Raspberry PI 3B+

It is v1.0.10… no typo
You can’t update beta. You have to remove old version and install newest.
You can wait some days for the stable updatable version :wink:


Oh, sorry
Now got it

FusionDsp v1.0.11 (beta)

  • Import local now supports HS and LS filters

It means now you can directly paste the content from List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum for your headphone in a file stored in /INTERNAL/FusionDsp/peq and load it :wink:


FusionDsp v1.0.12 (beta)


As some users prefer doing it by hand, you can now disable auto pre-amp. But by doing it, you may have to set a value by hand to avoid clipping… :upside_down_face:
This is a beta version : remove previous reboot install…

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Thank you!!
It will be in stable version soon?

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As source code has been merged, we can expect a new stable version very soon :wink:

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Thank you so much !

And… I have a question/request

It should be possible to have “the possibility” to
link specific “correction” to specific albums so to have “automatically” corrected those albums when in playing? (automatically means that after the correction has been “linked” every time I play those albums, the fusionDSP applies the settings I previously set, without any needing of turning it on-changing the values-apply/save, etc etc)
Some sort of “correction” database, automatically linked to the specific source?


It is an idea… But it won’t be implemented.
For me, the target is to correct your system (speaker, room). to reproduce as close as possible the record like it was recorded…
So… Sorry

I have had similar ideas in the past - some albums need custom EQing. Easiest way to achieve that is probably to keep an original version safe somewhere and to EQ a copy which will then reside in your library.

In theory, there could be an EQ settings file in every album folder with custom EQ settings which are applied automatically on playback.

I agree that this is probably way out of scope for FusionDSP though :slight_smile:

FusionDsp v1.0.12 is now published as stable :wink:


:+1::+1: Thank you!

FusionDsp v1.0.13 stable

edit : stable now!



I’m curious…can you use this DSP parametric EQ in conjunction with Tidal Connect?

I’m using a pi2aes


FusionDsp is applied to all sources
But I guess Mqa is lost in that case. But as I don’t use it…

I’ve lost loudness option with 1.0.13. Did I miss an anouncement ?

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Loudness is available only if mixer is not set to ‘None’ in playback settings. Check this :wink:

FusionDsp v1.0.14 beta

  • import local now support LPQ and HPQ filter type

Remove old version, reboot, install… :wink: