FusionDsp for Volumio3 stable (old beta thread)

Alright, thanks! Sounds good, so I can use a completely external DAC+Headphone amp then!

Are convolution filters needed? If yes: would a PI4 be powerfull enough (I might upgrade then, when they get available again). Sorry for the stupid questions, I have quite limited signal processing knowledge (a little bit only)

Not really, once you get the headphone amp you might not even need the EQ at all, since generally headphones does have pretty good response out of box.

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you can still use parametric EQ and even load in one clic EQ for your headphone from AutoEq directly in the plugin

Thanks…already playing around with AutoEQ/Oratory settings and some simpler settings from ASR. My headphones (Hifiman Sundara and older AKG K601) really sound good out of the box, just for lower bass regions a little EQ would be fine but I am not really missing it that much…

Really happy with all the possibilities I have with Volumio!

One more question: the button “disable effects” just disables crossfeed, loudness etc…it would be great to have a similiar button to disable all filters (except the auto gain setting), so you can always compare your filter effects at the same volume on the fly.

This is were the headphone amp really helps, those lows are the ones that needs the extra power :slight_smile:

My AKG headphones got whole new life with topping amplifier, they always say AKG phones have quite mild low end, but after the amp i find it quite good, just enought to not being boomy.

It disables all effect except auto gain… :wink:

Really? Then I dont really hear the difference with my headphones at all with the ASR settings…

@Joni_Salminen OT question - which topping do u have? I am think8ng about the new DX3 Pro+ or the L/D30 combo. The 3.5mm jack is a real downside to the DX3 otherwise it would be very neat…

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To test, increase a value in mid frequency to at least 10dB and toggle

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Thx, Yes, it works…,.my main adjustment was bass below 40Hz…probabpy will here more difference here with the Head amp than…

DX3 pro :slight_smile:

Overall I’m very pleased with the product.

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Currently only hearing headphones without need for EQ because of the dropouts. :sleepy:

Yes I know. But good news, a work in progress should fix it soon… :wink:


Great news!

Hey, thanks a lot for a great plugin!
Would you mind adding slopes control into ParametricEq?

Can you elaborate? Have you looked at filters list?

Cannot await the next update without dropouts.

It is coming…



Would be great weekend when it comes today.