FusionDsp for Volumio3 stable (old beta thread)

I suggest you to save each Eq before creating a new.
But yes I need to rework this part of UI

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uninstallation is as simple as pressing ‘uninstall’ in plugins management?

Yes . And reboot after.

OK. I had, for a short while, a functional plugin.
After uninstallation, there were no stutters and the various presets were working.
At last, the reason I needed DSP in the first place, having more oomph with my HE400SE, was accomplished.
After another restart, the stutters came back…

For me, irregular dropouts on Rpi4 started to occur in 0.1.19 & 0.1.20. Until 0.1.18 everything worked fine. Hope you can find a cure, otherwise I stick to 0.1.18 for a while. Thanks for the good work!


Sorry. Wasn’t aware of that.
Thanks for your patience. :+1::pray:

Today I had no audio with FusionDSP active. Restarting the plug-in several times didn’t help. I had to restart Volumio to get it working again. As @Martinvb wrote, 0.1.18 was more stable. I might also downgrade to avoid all these restarts.

RPi4, log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/nMC0Vr6.html

New version v 0.1.21 to test

Some adjustements to reduce dropouts. (still not sure)

Reboot after install
Info : this is the same workaround… So no miracle to be expected :wink:
Let me know.


Unfortunately no difference on a RPi compared to v0.1.20 :cry:

Did you reboot?

Yes. I rebooted a second time to be shure, but the effect remains…

It goes in the right direction! I have now only every 1-2min a dropout.

After install and reboot first I had no sound with v21, than after some fiddling with enabling and disabling of plugin I now have the sound… but with major dropouts comparing to previous ver, even worse than v19

It works better.
The problem is it is inconsistent. One track can be played free of dropouts and then it randomly starts to stutter on the next tracks(or not…).
When it works it works great. So great that it tempts me to leave it on but the uncertainty is “killing” me… :wink:

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Thanks you all for your testing and feedback.
I know how frustrating it is to have a such unstable system.
I need to find an other way to make it work.
The main problem comes from the way mpd send data to alsa. When CamillaDsp is on the pipe, it start having issue. The trick is to insert a fifo between them…
Well, still not solved :thinking:

One more observation, after lets say 2-3 minutes sound “calms down” and there are hardly any dropouts in my case

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No need to apologize. That´s just the way it is in a beta phase. I´m looking forward to testing all the versions to come… :grinning:.
Thanks for all the time you spent on this project!

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My observation after a few test’s, when I play local (on my lan) music there is no dropouts, but when I play from Spotify then there is a lot of dropouts ( same song btw). Coincidence? Maybe.
RPI 3, latest version of Volumio and FusionDsp.
Keep up the great work

Update, after some more playing, there was dropout on local music too.


a quick noob question, hope it fits in here:

Will the FusionDSP plugin take advantage of a HAT-DSP (like Hifiberry DAC+ DSP)? Or is this a complete independent system?

Currently I am using a Qudelix 5k as headphone amp with EQ, but I need more output power with EQ and adjusted dB settings for my main headphones, so I decided to get an external headphone amp (probably Topping L30). Therefore I need the EQ functionality in the PI/DAC now. I am using a PI 2B, so I am not sure if the PI has enough calculation power to do the EQ-Part? What do you think?


FusionDsp is completely independent from the dac used.
Everything is computed on the device (Rpi, x86 thinkerboard).
A Rpi 2 is enough. But convolution filters won’t be available in the plugin due to lack of power.

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